“BlazonBrite World School is one of the India’s leading academic institution and the only institution which has all of its faculties from IITs”

BlazonBrite, an assortment of feelings and enthusiasm accumulated though the panorama of life. It is difficult to address the exact essence of BlazonBrite. Talking in the term of literals, BlazonBrite stands for the emblem of the ancestry and Brite is taken from a German word which means provide enlightening. Together it forms as Enlightening the Emblem of Ancestry.

It was a sunny day when I just completed the rituals of goddess Saraswati and digging my mind for the name of the company. Here is the story how this unique name was addressed to the company. I did worked out the entire alphabets of English and asked my hubby to have his finger blindly pointed to any one of the alphabet. His finger stopped pointed at B and in the same way I had the same play where we all astonished when my finger too ceased at letter B. It was a moment of joy and pleasure as we have now decided the initial letters of our company which was yet to be framed. Going forward to the scope and hope of the company we observed motto for Enlightening the Ancestry. This was the formation of the Name. Henceforth we are progressing day by day on our motto.

At BlazonBrite we are oriented around world extending our cooperative environment for the betterment of the world. BlazonBrite is constituent of several administrations like, Human Resource, Manpower Development and Training, Social Welfare, Education and Training and Business Consultancy.

From the midst of our relevance of Education and Training, we have emerged here as a name of “BlazonBrite World School” where we are targeting to bridge the gap in current education system. We at BlazonBrite are committed towards the overall development of a child from the very nascent hood to the young responsible citizen.